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Two scientific collaborators use a quantum computer to simulate a projective closed time-like curve, the mathematics of time travel, using themselves as the frame of reference. The movie experiments visually with the experience of running those mathematical equations inside the multiverse of a quantum gravitational computer. This takes them on an unexpected journey into themselves.


"After looking at it about 4-5 times, I suppose you're enacting some kind of Wigner's friend in which each of you alternates between being the friend and Wigner. And Wigner is performing a post-selected teleportation on the friend which sends the friend back in a continuous stream of people coming from the future and going back. Possibly these people come from other branches of the universal wavefunction (because of Wigner's friend). It's not clear to me what role the killings have, as that breaks the loops somehow, so I'm confused about that."

—Dr. Lorenzo Maccone Universita' di Pavia

"A quantum gravitational quantum computer is built, a unified theory of gravity is given: With this a closed timelike curve is implemented. Along it, a quantum Turing test [something like wigner's friend] is performed. These characters almost kill each other by defecting. There is actually only ever almost one death [unclear if it happens or it's hallucinated.] "From the inside" of herself Dr. Reilly/himself Prof Lloyd, there is felt to be many experiences of the experience. The Polaroids from the end of the movie. I suspect by having literally more than one death, that you'd violate the universe's computational bounds. It is art about how that belief is probably wrong. Alas as far as I can tell, this would happen with Deutsch's interpretation [from his book The Fabric of Reality: "...ask the AGI if it remembers the other paths that it took in the multiverse." Anyway I don't think that is actually possible, neither does Seth. I suspect his version [which is one interpretation of this art] would violate computational bounds. BQP = EXP or something like NP. I am happy with thinking that is why they are visually displayed to be continuing to be murdered, that theory of closed time-like curves is not quite correct."

—Michele Reilly replies back to Dr. Maccone